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Tips to Prepare a Government Job Interview

Working in a federated government is beneficial regarding job security, decent salary or one can just simply say for all aspects of life. It is an easy access if you wish to work in various departments, gain experience and jump for a better job. Once you get hired, you are secured by pensions and one is availed to paid vacations as well. Now if you are giving a thought to work in any federal government, then you should be aware of few unknown factors required for a federal job interview.  

Once you have completed the procedure of submission of your resume, done with appraisal and were successful in marking your name in the best candidates, now that you have landed for an interview, so the question will be what’s next? Suppose if it's the preparation then how I may have to prepare. The hiring management not only conducts interviews they completely rely upon identifying a best suitable candidate.

It is entirely different from that of the private firm regarding the interview process. Preparing for a federal government job is not difficult to crack; it is just that it consumes time in researching various organizations, foreseeing several questions that should be asked to the hiring manager and position of the group. Note that most of the interviews are based on the style of behavior. In simple it built on the hypothesis that works performance in the past would add up a plus point as it would be easy to gauge future behavior and performance in work.

Here are some of the Tips:

  • An basic enquiry about interview before attending

You might have been already informed about the interview by a human resource person who has set up an interview for you. Ensure to ask question regarding interview just in case, such as the time schedule, the format, whether it is conducted in phone or by a person or by a cabinet. 

  • Study in detail about the job duties

Study the job duties in detail can make a framework of top priority skills that is necessary for the job. The questions will be mainly based on the expertise and skills of the intended position. 

  • Make use of resumes, essay as references

Make a list of projects, achievements by using this resumes and essays as a reference as that would help you to use as a instance in a interview. Analyze and outline the vital points of the project and start practicing. Note Down the examples that are required and be prepared to speak confidently and fluently. 

  • Learn about positions and soft skills

Proficiency differs from soft skills. It illustrates your capability to combine skills and apply it to required scenarios in a unique manner. 

  • Know about the agency 

Ensure whether there is any future scope if you hop onto this company. Browse the internet. Read some of the press materials. Study the strategy, their mission and their latest initiatives. Be free and prepared to take about how your contribution to the work would help them. 

  • Prepare message on personal info

There always will be a chance to introduce yourself in these types of interviews. Ensure that you would prepare a brief description of your career goals, your skills and what type of individual you are? You can either share it at first or at the end of the interview. 

  • Interview

At the day of interview ensure arrive early. You may never know there would be a chance where you would hook up with traffic or suddenly you may run into some kind of obstacles. One more thing is that some government firms may conduct some security checks and there you might fall with shortage of time. Make sure you carry all the necessary items that are required for an interview. 

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Lok Sabha Preliminary Examination Date & Notification

Dear Friends, 
Preliminary examination for recruitment to the post of Executive/Legislative/Committee/Protocol Assistant in Lok Sabha Secretariat to be held on 27th October, 2013



No. of vacancies : 
West Bengal: 15, 
Odisha: 4, 
Assam: 3, 
Chhattisgarh: 3, 
Tripura: 2, 
Nagaland: 1


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